"My mother taught me that all of the punctuation marks that you miss while typing build up in your fingertips over time." She held up her hands, revealing that the ends of her digits were covered in black splotches. "So, I haven't used any since I was twelve. I’m chock full of them now, periods, commas, parentheses, you name it.”

"Wow," he blinked rapidly. "Does it hurt at all?”

"Not really. To be honest, they don't feel a thing anymore.”

“That doesn't bother you? How long are you planning on keeping this up?"

“Until the day I die. When I was younger, it was just a bad habit, but now, I’m saving them all for the person who eventually writes my biography to use. I intend to live in a way that makes sure they’ll need to use them all.”

There are worse habits to retain.

Certain conditions can result in punctuation building up in the lungs.