The glyphs of the Folorsine alphabet are neither read horizontally, nor vertically; they march towards the eye as a procession of phosphenes, parading one after the other through the iris’s gates. This is not a language that is interpreted from a page, so much as swallowed by the brain. It is still actively used, though its spoken form has not been heard for centuries.

In order to understand what is being communicated, the reader must wear a set of Folorsine scrivener's crystals. These are inserted in a manner similar to contact lenses, though the sensation is much more visceral: each crystal is inserted sharp-end-inward through the hole that is the pupil. Then, they are fastened into place by staring into a source of harsh lighting, constricting the irises around them. Care must be taken not to lean backwards while they are being worn to ensure that they don't slip further into the darkness and lodge themselves in the optic nerve.

Once these gems are thoroughly aligned, the reader is ready to consume the Folorsine language. There are two primary forms of expression which exist: the first, Active Folorsine, is drawn in midair with a brightly-tipped wand; the reader must gaze directly forward without focusing on the wand’s motions in order for their crystals to properly focus the incoming messages. The second, Recorded Folorsine, is communicated swiftly and directly via laser beam, refracted into the proper geometry by the worn crystals. Though much faster than the language's live form, it takes significantly longer for the brain to process. Most messages communicated in this manner aren't understood until after a full night's sleep has taken place, at which point they transform into memories.

In this manner, the Folorsine have created a language which is entirely visual, whose transmitted and recorded forms are indistinguishable from one another. Through such innovation, they have eliminated any notion of speech, allowing them to reserve their voices for the holiness of song.

The Folorsine people have no concept of a language of the birds in their mystery traditions.

Folorsine is closer to dolphin language than it is to any known human tongue.

Such languages are not for everyone- especially those whose lives depend on sound.