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North of Reality is an explorable fiction space, written and edited by Uel Aramchek. New fragments are posted every weekday, with feature-length pieces on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Each can either be read independently, or as part of a larger narrative context.

As of September 24th, 2016 there are 228 individual pieces, with an archive that continues to grow in size every week. While these can be read in chronological order starting with The Flintlock Brain, it is also possible to wander between related pieces according to your own interest by following along with the hyperlinks at the bottom of each post. A number of these stories are annotated using Genius, which means that there is additional material to discover by clicking on the highlighted text that can be found throughout.

Not all of North of Reality's fiction can be found online; some of it only exists in print, and is only distributed via physical mail to those who support the publication. You can learn more about how you can receive these secrets here.

Uel Aramchek is a Brooklyn-based author who grew up in the frozen lands of North Dakota. He holds a degree in Mathematics from the University of Minnesota, which he uses to defend himself from the threat of specialization. He spends most of his time in transit due to work that requires regular travel.