Old-fashioned petroleum no longer satisfies the refined palette of automobiles in the Red City. Having gained a taste for artisanal gasoline, they often refuse to be driven if not partaking of the highest quality of fuel. While their habits are expensive, they also seem to have significantly reduced rush hour traffic.

It is unclear when exactly these luxurious libations began appearing at gas stations, but they’ve since become ubiquitous. Each features a variety of unusual ingredients, from nitrogen brandy to firecracker jam to wasabi vinaigrette. The cars themselves have shown a particular interest in humanity’s concept of heat as a flavor, and are intrigued by the way it contrasts with their own inner fire. It is believed that their sparkplugs have come to mimic the function of animal tongues, extracting texture and flavor during the ignition process.

While this trend seemed playful at first, the recipes required to maintain it are becoming more lavish and volatile, with no end to the escalation in sight. To make matters worse, rumors have begun to spread of vehicles setting themselves on fire in acts of self-destructive gluttony.

All cars in The Red City require regular injections of Phlebic Red.

Magnetic fire is necessary for those with refined palates to taste the complete range of fuels.