“So, your profile says that you’re spiritual, but not religious.”

“Yeah, that’s the short version. They didn’t have a lot of options on the website.”

“What do you believe in, then? Reincarnation? Ghosts?”

She sighs. This is how her last date ended. “Do you really want to make this more awkward than it is?”

“Well, as an atheist-“ he had to get that part in. “I really feel that we should get this out of the way. Make sure that there’s nothing too weird for me.”

“Alright.” She takes a deep breath, then: “Our world is a Rubik’s Cube with six sides and seven colors, and our God is desperately trying to solve it. He never stops twisting and twirling its edges, following the rules that he has ordained for himself, yet he knows that something is missing. Like all spirits, he loves the number seven; however, the laws of geometry abhor it. For this reason, his rainbow cannot fit within his kingdom of right angles, and though he knows this, his desire for perfection exceeds his wisdom. Some would say that this has driven him mad, yet others would say that this is simply what it is to be divine. And so, he pulls the nations of the world apart with slow, gentle fingers, trying to find room between their borders, and refusing to look upon what he’s doing to his own creation as a result. Over the course of billions of years, red tectonics collide with one another, deserts chase forests across a four-cornered equator, and quiet oceans slither sideways against the planet’s sharpest edges. There has never been a period of equilibrium, however, and there likely never will be. He knows that what he seeks is impossible, yet he does nothing to stop himself, for he knows that this is the same passion that allows any color to exist within the universe at all.”

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