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His business ‘card’ was a cube: six faces, six names, six numbers.

"There's more of me inside, just in case," he explained. "Break it open if you can't find who you're looking for."

"Do you think drinking saltwater counts as a kind of sushi?"

"Why on Earth would it?" She wrapped her chopsticks around a ginger-painted trilobite.

“Rose soda, huh?”

“Yeah. They have the original kind here, where the bubbles have thorns.”

“Doesn’t that hurt your tongue?”

“A little bit, yeah. And it always tastes a bit like blood as a result. But I love the texture.” 

“Want to see a cool trick?” She leaned across the table, then whispered: “I’ll bet that I can unzip your whole wine glass without spilling.”

“That you can do what without spilling?”

“Just watch.” 

“Want to see something cool? The ice cubes here have nine corners.”

I didn’t believe her at first, but after reluctantly removing one from my glass, I found that she was right. From any given angle, it looked like a normal ice cube, but as I rotated it between my fingers, I could feel an invisible vertex passing along my thumb. “Weird. How do they do that?"

“How’d you get thrown in Hell?”

“Didn’t get thrown in. I was born there.” He sipped his wine. “Both my parents were damned. They did their time in the inner circles, then got jobs, fell in love, and moved out to the suburbs. It’s not much different from the Earth that far out, if you can get used to the lack of a sky.”