Once upon a time, we designed a dragon that existed for you alone to slay. At the midsection of its neck, it was exactly as tall as the sum of your height, the distance between your elbow and wrist, and the length of a broadsword’s blade. Gaps in its scales could be found at several points along its legs, each of which rested evenly with your eye level. Even the coloration of its blood was meant to complement the glimmer of your irises in the fire of its last breath. Every single aspect of its anatomy was tailored to reflect your own.

Now, however, all the dragons on this planet are dead. Yours was slain centuries ago, by a fool who sought to become a saint, and failed because of his selfish desire to be remembered as a saint. As such, the poor creature died in vain, murdered in its sleep.

Since that day, we’ve toiled to preserve the lives of the other monsters which we’ve made for you. Each of our six remaining masterpieces lives in its own underground palace, each beneath a major world city, each locked behind a door whose only key is your breath. The lines which cross the palm of your left hand serve as the only map by which these chambers can be found. If you can keep this a secret, then no other human shall ever set foot inside.

We cannot speak of what awaits you behind each door, for to describe such monstrosity would diminish its meaning. We’ve spent too many years sculpting teeth and stitching together tentacles to relegate our work to mere words. These creatures are the incarnations of your own physical and mental limits. Through them, the geometric ratios that define your being have been translated into scales and mandibles and tongues. To face such things and survive is the only way to know yourself completely.

Without undermining our work, what we can say for certain is that each of these monsters is the last of its kind. Should you choose to slay them, you shall be the sole witness to their fearsome majesty; fail to seek them out for yourself, however, and they’ll dissolve into myth, sealed forever beneath a world that shall never know their wonder.


Before entering a boss room, it's always advisable to save, as well as to stock up on extra lives.

Some monsters are one of a kind; others, like the Jabberwock, are endless.