Every morning, you gaze into your mirror intently as you prepare for your face for the day; yet, despite its importance to you, you’ve never bothered to plug it into the wall. We find this incredibly perplexing. Despite the power afforded to you by owning your very own mirror, you’ve chosen to use it as a mere vanity device. We can only assume that this stems from a lack of knowledge on how to utilize its more extraordinary properties.

After twenty-four hours of receiving a steady charge, your mirror should be ready to begin processing. Take a deep breath, make eye contact with what you call your “reflection,” and hold as steady as you can for approximately thirteen minutes. A memory pipeline will form between your four pupils, allowing neurological and anatomical information to pass into the copy of yourself that has begun to form. Once the transfer completes, a chime will resound from somewhere within your skull.

This is the magic of your mirror; its surface can convert a solid wall into inner space. Everything that you see on the other side exists entirely within your mind; as such, with just a slight catalyst of electrical current, it can store a complete backup of your physical and mental self for later use. 

You only have one life, after all, and it is a precious one indeed. If you’ve followed our steps correctly, upon any form of unexpected death, you will wake up on the other side of the bathroom mirror with a brand new pulse. Climb back through, and your days will go on as if nothing happened, save for your inverted handedness. That part may take some getting used to.

Oh, and never trust anyone who offers to sell you a battery-powered mirror. You don’t want to see what happens when your backup runs out of power halfway through.