The body of a sea serpent is most often seen as a sine wave. As it propels itself across the water, its length protrudes from the ocean as a series of archways between the tail and the head. When humans attempt to observe the creature from beneath the water, however, they discover that there’s nothing at all to be seen. For this reason, many have written off the mysterious beast’s existence altogether; despite the profound number of sightings over time, no physical specimen has ever been recovered.

Common explanations for this phenomenon have ranged from strange angles of sunlight against water to oarfish corpses slowly drifting their way towards the shoreline. Skeptics and believers alike have soaked the volume of Loch Ness with sonar with the hopes of proving or disproving the existence of such a being- an endeavor which, predictably, has uncovered nothing at all. The experiments that they conduct tend to make a number of reasonable yet limiting assumptions, particularly that bodies of water and the creatures within them are of uniform geometry.

The surfaces of the world’s oceans and lakes are typically believed to conceal the same depths for all living things- but the path between sea level and the planet’s core is not necessarily a straight line. Just as a black hole swallows all light that crosses its event horizon, so too does the ocean swallow all light that reaches into its most abyssal depths. The waters of the world can also bend space, to a point that entire seas and lakes can be hidden inside of others unobserved.

Sea serpents are residents of this universal melt, beings who can never cross over into the world’s mundane waters. There is nothing supernatural about their biology- they are simply large reptiles that happened to be born into this unusual habitat. For them, the world appears just as uniform- a sky above and the depths below- but their depths are not humanity’s depths. As far as they can tell, creatures from the land are little more than phantoms; as soon as they dive into the water, they vanish without a trace. 

The ocean is full of things which exist one moment, and vanish the next. Cuttlefish have problems of their own.

Finding a sea serpent is hard enough- but only a master chef can cook one With All The Fixings.

While sea serpents emerge into our world suddenly, The Tesseractive Tiger arrives gradually.

Sea serpents are also capable of swallowing their own tails and becoming The Gordian Serpent.