Only one universe exists (hence, the prefix: “uni”). This axiom holds true in every single universe, regardless of what is said by the inhabitants of others. Those who commute between realities on a regular basis understand this better than anyone else, and use it to their advantage. For these bold wanderers, what exists is understood to be relative, and contingent upon their closeness to the void.

In order to leave a particular universe, a traveller must completely cease to exist within it. This is not the same thing as death, which is simply a reconfiguration of that which already exists; it is instead an erasure that takes place across both time and space, one that removes matter and memory alike. Though the laws of conservation suggest that no substance can ever be created or destroyed, elimination across all of history at once means that no such event ever takes place, preventing violation.

There are several methods of achieving this kind of nullification, but the most popular is the distillation and drinking of one’s own boiled shadow. The flavor is quite vulgar, but only lasts for as long as there is a tongue to taste it. This autophagous act results in the elimination of boundary and form alike, allowing the entirety of one’s own being to tumble inward through the hole in reality that it once occupied.

Once this is done, there is the matter of arrival in the next world. Once completely outside the previous reality, the traveller does not exist, nor does their destination. The next leg of the journey requires an event that contradicts both of these facts; who they are to become must draw themselves out of the nothingness. This self-conjuration cannot be initiated from outside the universe- something that is already inside must welcome itself in. Though it seems tautological, there is always the risk that the rite is never performed; upon leaping into the void, the traveller puts complete trust in their future self allowing them to exist once more.

For this reason, it is wise to learn and perform a ritual of self-conjuration at some point in life. There’s no way to know for certain whether or not one has left another universe behind, but so long as the possibility exists, one owes themselves that much. Every universe has many entrances, but the abyss has no exit.

While travelers have no recollection of their previous universe, most can sense when something isn't right.

Want to find out of you're a traveler? Keep your eyes open for things that aren't supposed to be anything.

Though other universe are difficult to visit, it's not always difficult to imagine what they're like.

Not all words are entirely separate; every now and then, two will intersect.