Benthica is the underworld’s most prestigious seafood restaurant. It is located on the opposite side of the planet’s surface from the Marianas Trench, and is constructed from bricks of black water that have crystallized from the sheer pressure of the ocean’s depths. Strange, luminous creatures can be seen swimming through walls that are otherwise solid for everyone else present. Among them is the nameless child of Hades and Charybdis, who is prophesied to someday be the death of Poseidon.

The menu is often menacing to ex-mortals who are not yet accustomed to their bottomless stomachs. The most popular item is a seared narwhal steak skewered between chunks of jackfruit by the beast’s own tusk. Others prefer the dolphin tongue tartare made with raw dodo eggs. For dessert, one might order their charcoal-fired licorice brûlée, which is served inside a toasted sea anemone husk. Savory black marshmallows are offered on the side for dipping.

Reservations at Benthica are booked solid for the next three centuries. Oracles who have seen it in their dreams sometimes walk into the ocean and let themselves sink, just so that they can ensure their place on the waiting list.