In the Violet City, a creation myth is told that involves not just the beginning of time, but also its end. The world begins as worlds often do, with the gods overthrowing the titans who built it and establishing their dominion over man and nature alike. The story abruptly jumps forward billions of years, however, to the inevitable feud between them that destroys all things. It is at this point that we encounter the remix goddess, who rises out of the ocean of white noise that their war left behind.

From her neon throne, she looks back on mistakes that the gods made while ruling the world of mortals, and adjusts what she sees accordingly. Her long, needle-like fingernails dance along the dark vinyl of the universe’s edge, and matter all throughout space-time rearranges in accordance with the resultant song. The gods at the beginning of time continuously adjust their plans for the universe in an attempt to foil her games, only to find that she’s already changed another detail.

For this reason, the history of the world is always in flux. Time’s endpoints remain fixed, but the feedback loop between them leaves the universe in a state of perpetual reconstruction. Sometimes her changes are as simple as causing gobstoppers to go supernova when they come in contact with a human tongue, while other times they are as vast as making sugar itself the fifth classical element. Her changes always seem playful to those who notice them, as if to tell her predecessors that they’re taking things too seriously.

Although many worship the remix goddess, she is never referred to by the same name twice. While some speculate that this is a conscious and deliberate ritual, true believers insist that whatever name they are using is her true name at that exact moment.