Author: Uel Aramchek (uelaramchek@gmail.com) 

Phone: Please contact via email first.

Location: Oakland, CA

Awards: Featured author in 2015 Twitter Fiction Festival, nominee for Invisible Tentacle award as part of Jeff Noon's @echovirus12 project.

Genres: Weird fiction, magical realism, urban fantasy, flavor text.

Primary Inspirations: Jorge Luis Borges, Italo Calvino, Philip K Dick.

Thousands of subscribers between Twitter, Tumblr, RSS, and Email.

Sends physical mail to more than one-hundred paid subscribers per month.

Cryptofiction: Physically mailed stories will never be published until after my death. They are secrets maintained through trust in my audience, each signed and numbered.

Content: 200+ short works of fiction, published every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. More than 70,000 words of free, published material.

Explorable fiction space: fragments connected by hyperlinks and tags, yet each is a piece unto itself.


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