This program is no longer active. Thank you to everyone who’s supported North of Reality!


Once per month, I write one short work of fiction in secret. Those who have subscribed by midnight (PST) on the first of that month receive a physical copy of that piece mailed directly to their address, personally signed by me, and marked with the number of official copies submitted into circulation. This is the one and only time that this story will ever be available.

If you're not on the list when the time comes, you'll miss the opportunity to receive that month's cryptofiction forever.

Works of fiction produced in this manner will never again be printed by me, or legally published in any capacity until after my death. While I cannot prevent the possibility of posthumous publication of these tales, I condemn it, and anyone who does so risks the curse of my phantom.

Those who have received the official copies are welcome to do whatever they wish with them, whether that be to hide them in a vault, to share them with their family, or even to burn them after reading. Though distributed as a secret, it is fundamentally theirs to own.